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Home > Smoke & Fire Detectors > 5602 Heat Detector 194 Degrees
for Attics, etc.

5602 Heat Detector 194 Degrees
for Attics, etc.
5602 Heat Detector 194 Degrees<br> for Attics, etc.
Item #:5602
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The 5602 heat detector is attractive, durable and features a combination rate-of-rise and fixed temperature operation. The heat detector is rated at 194F (92C) temperature.

The rate-of-rise function detects heat quickly by responding to a rapid temperature increase. The pneumatic element responds to a rapid rise in temperature, approximately 15F (8C) per minute, when the air expands faster within the sealed chamber than it can escape through the calibrated vent. The increase in preessure depresses the diaphragm, causing the electrical contacts to close the circuit. Rate-of-rise units have a wide spacing allowance of 50 foot centers. See Specification Table for details.

Fixed Temperature
The fixed temperature function reacts to heat by responding to a specific temperature setting. The element is constructed of a fusible alloy, which fuses at the fixed temperature setting of 200F (94C). When activated, the external heat collector drops away to provide quick visual confirmation that the element has operated.

Low Profile The units protrude only 1-3/8 inches from the ceiling surface with a junction box mounting. The pleasantly contoured, all-white finished design conforms aesthetically to most ceilings.

Click here for Ademco Heat Detector Data Sheet (PDF)

A & E Home Security Co. Inc. BBB Business Review
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