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Wireless Home Security Systems

When it comes to safeguarding personal property, wireless home security systems can be installed quickly and give you the ultimate peace of mind. Find out about strangers on your property at the slightest sign of something amiss, whether you are home, on vacation, or sleeping. Learn whether intruders have approached your grounds, even if they leave without noticeably disturbing anything. Electronic security systems can record more details than old-fashioned alarms.

Wireless options allow you incredible versatility in locating your equipment and safeguarding remote structures or areas of your property:

  • Wireless home security systems are expandable to dozens of protection zones and a variety of different types of sensors.
  • Receivers and relays are unobtrusive and easily placed
  • Motion detectors can even be set to “ignore” your family pet

Install Wireless Home Security Systems Yourself

No one knows your house and grounds as well as you do. A&E Home Security thinks you’re the most ideal person to install your home security system. If you’ve ever forgotten your house key, you probably know a way in that burglars might find. If you’ve had security trouble before, you can target a specific area.

Setting up a basic wireless system is easy, especially when you use programming keypad with the online step-by-step programming instructions provided by A&E. Adjusting it to your unique floor plan or special needs is a snap for its knowledgeable tech crew, who are available to you personally by phone or e-mail. Contact A&E today for more information about setting up a wireless security system.

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