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Wholesale Burglar Alarms

Stop playing the odds that your home wonít be broken into and put your money on the sure bet that burglar alarms provide. Call or e-mail A&E Home Security for wholesale deals. Even if an emergency has arisen, its wholesale prices on Honeywell (formerly Ademco), DSC Security, and FBII put the best technology in burglar alarms within your means. The money youíll save by installing your system yourself will let you easily expand it later.

A&E gives you a low-price wholesale guarantee. It also gives you the tools to learn about burglar alarms and their installation. The more you know, the more effectively you can manage your system. Take advantage of its online Knowledge Base, or consult with its tech crew about product features or for installation advice.

Wholesale Burglar Alarms Can End Your Game of Chance

While you were relying on your unprotected home being overlooked by thieves, they were playing the odds too. Burglars spot your property and calculate the chances of a valuable left outdoors or in your car. If they donít detect alarms, they look for open windows, and once inside, an open checkbook or safe.

Stop gambling with your money, personal information, and safety. Hard-wired burglar alarms can be installed by those with basic electrical knowledge and facility for tools. Wireless systems are a snap for almost anyone. The helpful staff at A&E will see you through the process.

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