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Security Alarm Systems

Increasing crime rates require you to take preemptive security measures to protect your home and family. You need an alarm system that works in all kinds of environments. A&E Home Security can guide you in taking action against the risk of property damage or break-ins, no matter what your local crime trends may be.

A&E sells complete security alarm systems from top manufacturers, like Ademco (now Honeywell), as well as quality single components. Expand or design a system for your particular home. Consider the immediate risks. Have there been automobile thefts or break-ins in your area, or vandalism to landscaping or mailboxes? Call or e-mail A&E Home Security for product solutions to these and other security problems.

Early Detection with Security Alarm Systems

Those who travel frequently or work away from home want to know that their properties are being protected when they’re away. Crimes of opportunity can be avoided when magnetic contacts, or motion or glassbreak sensors trigger piercing alarm sirens or warning lights. Premeditated break-ins may be revealed in the planning stage, when thieves first set foot on your property.

Security alarm systems have a definite curbing influence on crime. Burglars would much rather target unprotected homes. Their opportunities may decrease even more when your neighbors learn the benefits of your system and buy one, too. Break the crime wave in your area. Call A&E Home Security today.

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