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You inhabit your private residence with some home security assumptions in mind. True, a home is purchased for your use, to meet the basic need of shelter from the elements. But your home should also be a place of relative security for the people who live there. The home itself should be safe from damage by trespassers. It’s private, not public, and that includes the grounds, structures, and their contents.

The fact is, your home is far more precious to you than it is to others—especially thieves who don’t recognize or respect private property rights. If you don’t want to make vigilance a full-time job, a home security system is the answer. Sensors and security alarms that keep one eye open at all times let you do what you set out to do with your property when you bought it. They let you enjoy it.

Create True Home Security

Some home security vendors, including the industry “big guys,” sell limited systems that give your property spotty coverage. Poor protection from break-ins is equivalent to no protection. If a burglar can circumvent a security layout, you’ve wasted your money. A&E Home Security carries only systems or control panels that allow for adequate zone coverage of your home.

Besides sensors that alert your system to a security incident, the A&E inventory includes preventative and emergency warning devices. When combined with your usual cautionary measures, such as consistent use of good locks, window grills, and floodlights, the quality packages provided by A&E create true home security.

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