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Home Alarm Systems

Home alarm systems are versatile protection solutions for a wide variety of properties. They’ll work in tandem with conventional crime deterrents, like heavy-duty locks or window grates. They’ll diminish the need for guns or dogs. A&E Home Security carries home alarm systems that you can install yourself in order to protect your property and your family.

A&E customers frequently report that its technical support is second to none. Its here to give you the confidence, knowledge and timely answers that you need as you install your wired and/or wireless home alarm system. A knowledgeable customer service representative will talk you through any rough spots, offer tips and advice, and return your calls in a timely manner.

Versatile Protection from Self-Installed Home Alarm Systems

Security is a greater or lesser issue for homeowners, depending on lifestyle, location and the nature of your possessions. When contemplating an alarm system, consider the amount of time you spend at home, your distance from emergency services and the types of obstacles a thief would have in removing your possessions. A&E can help you gauge how much protection you need from a security system and suggest models. Its low-price guarantee means you can’t go wrong.

Honeywell-based alarm systems offer a range of hard-wired and wireless zones, which are expandable as your needs change. Motion detectors are adjustable, and some are designed to disregard small-animal “intruders,” reducing false alarms. Twenty-four-hour monitoring service is optional. Call or e-mail A&E today to find out which level of protection is right for you and your home.

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