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Alarm Systems

Alarm systems act as both a crime deterrent and an early warning of home emergencies and break-ins. Donít feel vulnerable another day! Property lines are legal boundaries, and if intruders donít respect yours, you should look into alarm systems from A&E Home Security. It offers complete and component alarm systems for self-installment, so you can get started right away.

If youíve had a break-in or burglary, itís time to set some boundaries with consequences. Indoor and outdoor alarms and emergency lights draw immediate attention. Motion and glassbreak detectors work along with wired contacts for immediate intruder detection. Alert the authorities through the low-cost, professionally monitored service offered by A&E. Alternatively, self-monitoring systems will notify you by phone at the first hint of trouble.

A&E Self-installed Alarm Systems Set Firm Boundaries

By installing your alarm system yourself, you will:

  • Get a customized security program
  • Save money on labor and parts by purchasing only the features you need
  • Get acquainted with your alarm system firsthand

Your boundaries may change, but your alarm system can keep up. Itís important to know how your alarm system works so you can use it correctly in any situation. Youíll learn that as you install it, and youíll find out how to expand it when you need to. The experts at A&E Home Security can walk you through the process and answer all of your questions at no charge. Call or e-mail a helpful customer service representative today.

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