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Alarm Monitoring

If you feel that installing a home security system is only half the job, professional alarm monitoring can complete your task. Pursuing greater home security is a mission you take seriously. Youíve researched the crime risks, selected security products, and installed the system yourself. Now you need someone to monitor it when you canít be close by. A&E Home Security can help.

Whether youíve purchased a system from A&E or not, you can enroll in its monthly alarm monitoring service. A&E has chosen the top provider in emergency communications nationwide to respond to your security issues 24 hours a day, every day. When a burglar trips an alarm, silent or otherwise, you want to know that someone with experience is getting the news and calling the proper authorities.

Alarm Monitoring Has Multiple Benefits

You may have had several objectives in installing an electronic home security system. Be alerted to unwanted trespassers or those with criminal intent who are "casing" your property via outdoor motion detectors, closed-circuit cameras, or driveway alarms. Scare intruders with powerful alarm sirens and strobe lights. Professional alarm monitoring can determine the cause of an alarm, such as intrusion or fire, and take the appropriate action to notify the police, fire department, you or a neighbor.

Security alarms can also respond to environmental property threats, such as fire, smoke, or flooding. High-risk areas, such as kitchens, basements or garages, can be targeted. Call A&E Home Security today for more information about how alarm monitoring can help you accomplish your mission of securing your home and family from danger.

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